News Headlines June 2010
-6th MWOND Awards
-New Website
-Previw New Website

June 14th from Magical World of No Doubt

Preview New Website

Probally a lot of people wonder where i work on now. Well i decided to release a preview of the new site. It`s totally different from this site. It contains the same sections you used to on this site. The good thing about the new site is way more interactive then this one. You can react on news as well on the photos. Having an account on the new site means, you can access more features.

It takes some time to transfer data from one site the other. But as you can see. There`s a lot of progress.

I`ll hope to open the new site soon.

June 11th from Magical World of No Doubt

New Website

I am currently working a brand new website. Witch makes this site really outdated. There are some really nice new features on the site. For that reason. This site is less updated and i`ll hope the new website should go online soon,


June 1st from MWOND
The Magical World of No Doubt
The Netherlands

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