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Tragic Kingdom Magazine Issue #7 is NOT Available

We still have the back issues in stock except for TK #7 that is all sold-out and won´t be available any more, so when you join let us know if you would like to recieve them as well, or order them seperatly for only $5, please add $5 USD for shipping if you order one/two (1-2) back issues, $8 USD for 3-9 magazines, $12 USD for more than 10 magazines.

You can still order back issues of our magazine at a cost of 5 dollars each, plus shipping as listed above. When you join the fanclub be sure to specify if you want issues 8-10 OR 9-11. And if you wish to just purchase specific issue(s) make sure to include 5 dollars per issue plus shipping along with a note saying what issue(s) you'd like. You can either pay with your credit card, or send money the old fashioned way to the adresse below. Please allow 3/5 weeks for delivery.

Send your order in CASH only to:

    c/o Winterqvist
    Olshammarsgatan 40, 4 tr.
    SE-124 75 Bandhagen


ND Fanclub, P.O.Box 6021,
121 06 Johanneshov, SWEDEN

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