Tragic Kingdom Magazine Issue #10
*A publication by the unofficial No Doubt Int. Fan Club
 Tragic Kingdom Magazine:
Tragic Kindom Magazine comes out twice a year and is one of many things you will recieve if you become a member of No Doubt Int. Fanclub. It is a professionally produced magazine, printed in colour, on glossy paper with lots of great photos and interesting articles inside. Some of the highlights in the ninth issue are:
  • No Doubt Summer Festival Tour Europe 2002
  • HUGE interview with Gwen Stefani
  • Tony Kanal interview
  • No Doubt at Summer Sonic Japan
  • Tom Dumont interview
  • No Doubt Promotour Europe 2002

and lots more such as competitions, letters etc..

Here is the release date for the next magazine:
  • Issue #10: Gwen Stefani on Tour Usa & Europe 2007, Luxurious Videoshoot, Fanclub Meetings and much more....
  • Release date TBA

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Stephen Bradley about Tragic Kingdom Magazine

The magazine looks great!! I showed it to my family and they were really excited. Thank you for send me the copies. You rock dude!!

- Steve (August 2005)


  Back issues of Tragic Kingdom Magazine:
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We still have the back issues in stock except for TK #7 that is all sold-out and won´t be available any more, so when you join let us know if you would like to recieve them as well, or order them seperatly for only $5, please add $5 USD for shipping if you order one (1) back issue, $7 USD for 2-4 magazines, $10 USD for 5-9 magazines.

You can still order back issues of our magazine at a cost of 5 dollars each, plus shipping as listed above. When you join the fanclub be sure to specify if you want issues 8-10 OR 9-11. And if you wish to just purchase specific issue(s) make sure to include 5 dollars per issue plus shipping along with a note saying what issue(s) you'd like.

Send your order in CASH only (we do NOT accept checks or moneyorders) to:

  Mailbox and other contributions to Tragic Kingdom Magazine:
There has been a lot of additions in the TK-Magazine the past couple of years, and now you have your chance to contribute. Starting from issue #2, there will be a new section called Mailbox. And it is exactly what it sounds like, it's a forum for the fans where they could write about just anything that comes to their mind regarding No Doubt. Not every letter will be published, we pick the ones that we consider being the most interesting ones, so if your lucky...

Starting from issue #4, the Tragic Kingdom Magazine did increase from 20 pages to incredible 32 pages. And it didn't cost you a cent more. How is that possible? Well, let's just say that the enormous amount of new members around the world is one of the reasons.

The other thing that will be new in that issue is the "Give-Away", and it's some kinda competition. You simply write a letter to us about that issues questions, and if your the lucky winner, you could win an special prize that we are giving away. So, don't hesitate. Write to us now.

Click here to write your letter to the MAILBOX

The question for issue #10s "GIVE-AWAY" is:

"If you had the chance to go out for a day with one of the band members. Who would it be, and what would you like to do with that person?"

Click here to write a short story to answer the question. If you do this you will have a chanse to win Gwen Stefanis new album and another promomaterial. And if you are lucky enough you will also have your story printed in issue #10 of the TK Magazine. So what are you waiting for? Go and write your story now.

*Contest is open to members of the NDIFC only, and you must include your membership no.# at the end of your story.


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